Leuven Centraal 13 wins over Les 2 Fous du Diogène 6 in thrilling encounter

NIC 2023-2024, Reeks 5O, ronde 1 (24 september 2023)
Verslaggever: Rengina Parthena Koteki

Leuven Central 13 Chess Club delivered an outstanding performance in a nail-biting chess match against Deux Fous Du Diogène 6, held in Brussels on Sunday, September 24th. The Leuven 13 team emerged victorious with a final score of 1.5 – 2.5.
Amine’s remarkable tiebreaker sealed the deal, securing a well-deserved victory for the Leuven 13 Chess Club.
This win holds immense significance for the team and sets a positive tone for Belgian Chess Interclubs. The Leuven 13 Chess Club proudly entered the championship “with the right foot forward,”
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our gracious hosts at Deux Feux Du Diogene for their warm hospitality and sportsmanship.
As the season progresses, we wish all participating teams the best of luck. Let the spirit of competition and camaraderie continue to thrive in the world of chess.
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