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Living in the Leuven area and looking for a chess club? You are most welcome at our Chess Club Leuven Centraal!

Love for the game of chess is what all our members share. It does not matter how strong you are, it does not matter what age or gender you have. When visiting our club, you will encounter players ranging from beginner up to grandmaster. Leuven Centraal already has about 120 members, of many nationalities.

Friday evening is our weekly club gathering. The venue is Wingerdstraat 14 in Leuven. For a map, and how to get there by public transport, have a look on the contact page.

At 7pm there are lessons for youth. After these lessons our youngsters play small tournaments.

For the adults the chess activities start at 8pm, at the same location. Most of the times we play a round of our club championship (one classical game taking the whole evening).  After the game, very often your opponent will be very happy to discuss the game with you, and it happens regularly that other people join the discussion. What matters at club evenings is having a good time and making each other stronger. Sometimes there are other activities planned, like a seminar, or rapid games during summer months. Consult the calendar on our home page to see what’s up.

The club also competes in the Belgian interclub competition. The first team plays in second division. We have also many teams in the lower divisions, in order to give every player the opportunity to play FIDE rated games, regardless their playing strength. This season Leuven Centraal brings not fewer than ten teams into the field.

The club also encourages players to compete in tournaments in Belgium and abroad. Going “on tour” with fellow players of the club can be really fun.

Leuven Centraal Chess Club itself is a tournament organizer. Every year, in November, there is the international Leuven Open. In September, there is also a one day tournament for youth.

So, if you want to be part of this big chess playing family, just show up at any club evening. For adults, it’s best to come at about 19h45. For sure you will meet somebody of the board of the club, to whom you can address all your questions  (in English, French or Dutch). Many other members will be willing to help you too, for sure.

There are other ways to get in touch. Fill out the form on our contact page or write an e-mail to chess@leuvencentraal.com. If you want somebody on the phone, call our president or our coordinator for youth matters. You can find their numbers on the contact page. For youth, please contact the club first by form, e-mail or phone before coming to the club evening.

Looking forward to meet you!

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